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Tue, 22 Jan 2019
Welcome to MozInfo701 Web Browser Directory.

We are building a Directory database for Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Safari and Opera.

Currently we have following sections.
FirefoxMozilla Firefox
Stand alone Mozilla based browser with emphasis on customization through plug-ins and skinning/themes. Originally named Phoenix then Firebird.

ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird
Standalone POP3, IMAP4 and Usenet client by the Mozilla Foundation. Open source and multi-platform, it features intelligent Bayesian spam filters, a built-in spell checker and extension support.

All-in-one internet application suite. Continued from the Mozilla Application Suite. SeaMonkey is developed by un-paid community, with resources from Mozilla Foundation.

The web browser that changed the world wide web.

MozillaMozilla Suite
All-in-one internet application suite. Mozilla Application Suite is no longer being developed by Mozilla Foundation. The all-in-one suite is now being developed by community, called SeaMonkey.

Camino is a Mozilla powered and Mac OS X native browser. Using the same Gecko engine that powers Firefox.

Opera is a cross-platform internet software suite consisting of a web browser, e-mail/news client, address book, newsfeed reader, IRC chat client, and download manager.

Mac OS X browser from Apple, based on Konqueror.

more to come.


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