Thunderbird to end development

by Antony

ThunderbirdAccording to Mozilla Foundation Chair Mitchell Baker's blog post and the Thunderbird Proposal, Mozilla's free email standalone application, will be split into two releases (like current development model for Firefox): Thunderbird ESR and vanilla Thunderbird.

Thunderbird ESR (Extended Support Release) will be released in final form in November with each release in 42 weeks period (and life-time of 54 weeks), and the vanilla version of Thunderbird will receive an update every six-week on security and stability issues. There will be unlikely any exciting new features coming any time soon nor as frequent as Firefox.

Perhaps, the Thunderbird is matured enough, and perhaps the reliance on email communication has diminished, or perhaps Mozilla is shifting its focus to Firefox OS which competes with Android and iOS on mobile devices.

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Posted by Antony Shen on July 7, 2012 3:06 AM

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