Security Maintenance Update for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 PR.

by Andrew T.

Billy (beanboy89) has informed us of a new security update available for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Preview Release. Full details of the vulnerability this update remedies are available in a press release. A new Mozilla Firefox 1.0 PR release is now available that contains the update; it carries the internal version number "0.10.1." The update is also available for existing Mozilla Firefox 1.0 PR users in the form of an installable patch.

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(added by Antony)
This Security Maintenance is the fix for file deletion flaw in Firefox.

Firefox suffers from a vulnerability that could allow hackers to delete all the files in the Download directory, which by default in Windows is set to the Desktop. To exploit the flaw, the attacker would have to entice a user to download a file from a Web site.

Users can avoid the issue by canceling unexpected file save prompts as well as any from an untrusted site, said the foundation. Users should also right-click download links, then use the "Save link as" selection in the pop-up menu.

(Internet Week)

Posted by Andrew Turnbull on October 2, 2004 3:45 PM

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