new Netscape runs Firefox and IE

by Antony

Netscape Prototype Browser(Continued from Netscape Prototype Browser Review programme.)
The new Netscape Prototype Browser is now available for testers.

With this new Netscape Prototype Browser, it is also possible to display the website correctly, even if it was designed for MSIE, because you are allowed to switch to MSIE's rendering engine when necessary. For better security protection, we suggest you not doing so.

> Due to the Prototype EULA, we cannot provide you a direct link to download the file, however, we can tell you what we observed. And in fact it's being discussed in our forums.

As we reported earlier, there are many exciting new features, such as Site Control, enhanced Tabbed Browsing, Live Content etc. Site Control allows you to "Display like Internet Explorer"


Also, according to Slashdot, The prototype's development was outsourced to Mercurial Communications.

new Netscape Prototype Browser

> C|net has an article, "New Netscape embraces Firefox, IE (C|net 30th Nov 2004)

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Posted by Antony Shen on November 30, 2004 2:10 PM

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