Netscape 8.0 pre-Beta

by Antony

betapr.jpgNetscape 8.0 pre-Beta is now available for Netscape Prototype testers.
Version 0.9.4 – based on Firefox 1.0.

The general public beta (scheduled to be released today) has been pushed back a couple of weeks due to some bugs which we aren't yet comfortable with the general public experiencing.

For more information, please join our discussion - "Netscape 8 pre-Beta" in SillyDog701 Message Centre.

Known Bugs and Issues

- Windows 98 functionality is limited due to frequent crashes when using the Trident rendering engine

- Formfill isn’t yet working as designed

- The Trust List (black lists, white lists, anti-phishing lists, etc) won’t be updating with live information just yet

You can change the menu bar position from this
menubar position 1
menubar position 2
All you need to do is simply... toggle menu bar position

Posted by Antony Shen on February 17, 2005 5:42 PM

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