Netscape 7.2 released!

by Antony
SillyDog701 member Chris Cuppett told us, Netscape 7.2 released.
You can download Netscape 7.2 from Netscape Browser Archive.

(new) Netscape Toolbar:
Netscape Toolbar
Netscape Toolbar is a Windows platform only feature.

> SillyDog701 members post user report and feedback for Netscape 7.2

New features:
* improved junk mail controls
* improved popup controls
* vCard support in Netscape Mail.
* improved Palm Sync.
* Table Editing controls in Composer.
* better standards support
* Speed/performance and stability enhancements
* a Netscape Toolbar for Windows users.
* and of course hundreds of bug fixes.

> SillyDog701 members post Netscape 7.2 Released

Netscape 7.2

Posted by Antony Shen on August 17, 2004 11:47 PM

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