Netscape 7.2 CD delays again

by Antony

Netscape 7.2 CD is to be delayed again. It was firstly mentioned to be available on 3rd August (2004), later delayed to first two weeks of August. Now, it is said to delay until 23rd August.

Some sources say that the upcoming Netscape 7.2 will be based on Mozilla 1.7.2 to accommodate the recent vulnerabilities patches and security fixes. (SillyDog701 do not have confirmed information on this.)

Some of SillyDog701 members received following email from Netscape.

Dear Netscape Customer,

Thank you for ordering your official Netscape merchandise. We would like to update you on the status of your order. The Netscape 7.2 browser has not launched and due to this production delay, we expect all merchandise will be shipped the week of August 23rd.

We apologize for the delay. Please email us at if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Netscape Store Team

Posted by Antony Shen on August 12, 2004 9:40 AM

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