New Firefox-related items available at Mozilla Store.

by Andrew T.

Several new items are available at the official Mozilla Store:

~ Mozilla Firefox Guidebook (To ship on September 30, 2004).
A printed manual will soon be available that covers Mozilla Firefox. This item complements the Mozilla suite Guidebook published earlier and will serve well as a published reference for users to consult or as a resource to help educate new users on Firefox's advantages, features, and routines.

~ Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird CD (To ship on September 20, 2004).
This disc will contain Mozilla 1.7.3, Firefox 1.0 PR, and Thunderbird 0.8.

~ And of course, the popular "CD and Guidebook" option, combining the above two items together.

~ Firefox Stickers.
Quoting the site: "Set of two stickers - one on white, one transparent (for car windows)." No word on how big they are.

As version 1.0 looms near, Mozilla marketing has been concentrating heavily on Firefox rather than the application suite lately, and it is not surprising that the new CD is being promoted as a "Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird CD" rather than a "Mozilla 1.7.3 CD."
The Mozilla Store's earlier stock of "Mozilla 1.7" CDs also containing Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.7 are still available at the time being.

Posted by Andrew Turnbull on September 20, 2004 2:37 PM

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