Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 5 Released

by Andrew T.

Beanboy89 has reported that the fifth alpha release of the upcoming Mozilla 1.8 application suite is now available. Specific details concerning this new software release are forthcoming, but Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 5 contains approximately 600 bug fixes over the previous version, and its change log contains over 500 entries. At least one more alpha release is scheduled for release in the future, with Mozilla 1.8 beta and subsequent versions delayed until after Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 is released and software development begins to concentrate on the Mozilla 1.8 rather than 1.7 branch.

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From MozillaZine:

Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 5 has been released, after a short freeze period. This latest alpha version of the Mozilla Application Suite features around 600 bug fixes. The Mozilla 1.8a5 Release Notes have more details; there's no What's New section yet but a rough changelog of 1.8a5 fixes is available. The milestone schedule diagram of the Mozilla Roadmap shows how this latest version fits in with other recent releases such as Mozilla Firefox 1.0. As the Aviary branch (from which Firefox 1.0 was built and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 will be released) forked from the 1.7 branch some time ago, those following the standalone products may be surprised by the amount of progress that has been made on the trunk, particularly with regards to Gecko, which is undergoing significant changes at the moment.

Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 5 can be downloaded from the mozilla1.8a5 directory on As previously reported, the Mozilla Foundation intends to continue issuing new alphas of Mozilla 1.8 until the 1.0 versions of both Firefox and Thunderbird have shipped or they run out of natural numbers. This means that a 1.8 Alpha 6 is on the way. The final release of Mozilla 1.8 is scheduled for February 2005, with a 1.8-based Firefox 1.1 set for March.

Posted by Andrew Turnbull on November 23, 2004 3:49 PM

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