Mitchell Baker explains Mozilla Corporation

by Ramona

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla project's Chief Lizard Wrangler, was interviewed at the OSCON 2005 Conference, August 4, 2005, by the Conference Chair, Nat Torkington. Torkington focused all questions on the new taxable subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Corporation.

In an almost 16 minute interview, Mitchell, now President of the Mozilla Corporation, explained why MoFo created the commercial division, and where it's headed. She also recalled the history of the events leading up to the initial launch of the Mozilla Foundation in 2003.

(This news is based on Mitchell Baker Quizzed on Mozilla Corporation, MozillaZine 5th Aug 2005)

Listen to the MP3 or Podcast audio recording of Mitchell's interview. The file is 29 megabytes in size and lasts for 15 minutes and 51 seconds.

Read more at MozillaZine, and the Mozilla Foundation Reorganization page.

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Posted by Ramona on August 6, 2005 5:14 PM

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