Macfox 0.1, making Firefox more Mac-like

by Antony

MacfoxMacCentre701 mentioned the new Pinstripe theme last month, an improved theme for Firefox Mac OS X users to make Firefox (for Mac) more Mac-like. SillyDog701 member Pedro Saraiva (Pu7o) and the creator of Firescape has released version 0.1 of Macfox, a customised Firefox that tailored to give users the feeling of Mac application.

(more detail follows)

Macfox has following features over Firefox:

  • A Mac-friendly user interface.
  • The progress indicator in the URL location, as in Safari.
  • Combines Stop and Reload buttons to save space, as in Safari.
  • Webpages will shown Aqua styled controls, as opposite to Windows Classic-style controls.

Screenshot of Macfox 0.1:

Download link:
Macfox 0.1 (27.3MB, Universal Binary).

For more information, please visit
Macfox 0.1 (home)

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Posted by Antony Shen on November 24, 2006 9:06 PM

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