Firefox 1.0.2 RC1 and Thunderbird 1.0.2 RC1

by Antony

SillyDog701 Moderator Ramona told us Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 RC and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.2 RC are now available for testing. If no major problems are found during the testing period, official release of Firefox 1.0.2 and Thunderbird 1.0.2 should be available next week.

For more detail, please see: Testers for Firefox and Thunderbird 1.0.2.

Ramona is the webmitress of the helpful Netscape resources sites, Netscape & Mozilla Solutions and Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, and Thunderbird Bookmarks.

Posted by Antony Shen on March 17, 2005 10:16 PM

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