Firebird is now Firefox

by Antony

ChrisI told us that Firefox is the new name for Mozilla Firebird.

The Mozilla Foundation has renamed its next generation browser from the code name Firebird to "Firefox" and has released version 0.8 - the best preview yet.

The new release features streamlined downloading, an installer for Windows users, a new aqua-rific theme for MacOS X users and numerous other improvements. Mozillazine has full coverage. For more information about the name change read the FAQ or read the MozBlog post by Firefox lead Ben Goodger which provides some additional background.

Don't forget to read the release notes.

Firefox product page
0.8 directory on

Earlier MozInfo701 reported Phoenix was renamed to Firebird, then renamed to Mozilla Firebird, we had some clarification from Alex Bishop.

In Mozilla's page, it explains:
To avoid overlap. The colloquial name "Firebird" is also in use by another open source project. While we don't believe our use of the Firebird name infringed on their trademark, we wanted to be responsive to the concerns of fellow open source developers.

Be sure to read the FAQ page.

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Posted by Antony Shen on February 9, 2004 8:01 PM

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