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May 21, 2004

Mozilla 1.8 alpha 1 released

Bryan Wellander told us Mozilla 1.8 alpha 1 released. This is a new milestone for the Mozilla roadmap. SillyDog701 still don't know much about it yet. New features in this release are: a basic FTP upload UI, better Linux mouse...
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May 18, 2004

Camino 0.8 Beta Released.

The following text is taken from MozillaZine, with a few minor edits: Camino version 0.8b was released tonight. In addition to performance, stability, and rendering improvements inherited from Mozilla 1.7, Camino 0.8b now adds a Google search in the toolbar,...
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Mozilla 1.7 Release Candidate 2 - Available Now!

The following text is quoted from the article at MozillaZine, and edited slightly . . . The Mozilla Foundation has made Mozilla 1.7 RC2 available for download. Like the first release candidate, which came out last month, this build is...
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May 11, 2004

Mozilla 1.4.2 Released

Bryan Wellander reported to us Mozilla Application Suite 1.4.2 Released. The majority of Mozilla developers are working on the new Mozilla 1.7, and it is nice to see Mozilla Application Suite 1.4.2, the Stable Release, has released. > Join our...
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May 3, 2004

Thunderbird 0.6 released

ChrisI told us Thunderbird 0.6 released today. Thunderbird is the stand-alone email/news client, based on the Mozilla code. Given the maturity of the underlying Mozilla code, Thunderbird is very usable. However, it is considered a Technology Preview, and as such...
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